LIUM Biweekly Update 2020–01–10


The following week was principally motivated on the development of the platform concerning on LIUM’s main frame work.

1. RND Development

LIUM started on the perceptible formation of its service page creation.

Due to the conception of the new front end and back end design work, a new environment for development was established to consider application publishing work using basic ReAct and Redux Library projects as well as considering the scalability of the projects once the JOBus platforms takes place in the future.

Since the compatibility with the open source library components, version checking and source backend are completely separate, a setting environment apart from the server was assembled.

The development of the main page of JOBus is currently in progress. The main page will have a structure that will be contingent on LIUM’s current portal page.

In order for employment service searches, the job search page as well as the location search page functions are currently also under development.

2. Marketing

On Wednesday 15th of January 2020, LIUM team plans to hold a meet up talk concert. There will be food and deserts prepared for its guests such as donuts and Korean rice cakes. The meet up will be hosted by LIUM’s CEO, CMO and CTO as well as Dominant Lab’s CEO to talk more about LIUM and its upcoming project to its guests. The meet up will be collected of around approximately 50 guests and will be a prodigious opportunity to sponsor LIUM and its prosperous future.

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