LIUM Biweekly Report 2020.05.14

1. RND Development


Blockchain Container Operation (Optimization of Data)

Currently, we are in the stage of developing on blockchain containers, which are also known as packets to be able to efficiently create them in various types of data. These blockchain containers will then be utilized upon the JOBus platform as tool of provision of faster search engines.

Although it may be apparent, other processes oppose to the basic functions that are implemented within the platform, are being developed to be optimized.

It was stated in the preceding development updates that the blockchain systems being applied in the JOBus platform are the mixed for of the ERC-20 + with the HyperLedger system.

Although this pronouncement was occupied subsequently to many technical reviews and periods of brainstorming sessions, there are still times of judgement to try this specific combination of the framework.

The LIUM team is very anticipated to present to everyone LIUM’s blockchain platform as will as the JOBus service that uses its platform.


Development on the functions of the Community (Bulletin Board)

The LIUM team understands the importance of how important it is to keep in movement with the employment market trend and to provide a service that matches it.

However, these important market flows can only be attained and finalized by the experiences and propositions of the users and job searchers rather than the service providers.

Rather than merely discussing about which job offers are available and for who they are available for, by becoming a window of communication by providing a space where the users and service providers can create together, we believe we can become an all-embracing service.

Second design alterations to be completed

Near the end of the April 10th development update, it was stated that page colors and other functions will be revealed in this week’s update. Thus, we would like to apologize in advance as it was not possible to keep up with that promise due to the addition of quantity in the UI. However, we hope to return soon with the results in short times notice and show our users how the page will turn out. Stay updated with the LIUM team to find out!

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